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The recent Business Plan for FY 2008-09 to FY 2012-13 approved by the Hon’ble Commission vide order dated 20th March 2010 in case no.41, 42 & 43/ 2007 has envisaged total investment of `5,000 Cr. by State Govt. through GRIDCO along with the four DISCOMs under CAPEX plan for this purpose.

Against this backdrop, GoO has decided to initiate measures for providing financial support to the DISCOMs in the form of long term financial assistance through GRIDCO to meet substantially the CAPEX requirement of DISCOMs. The objective is to improve the distribution system with least impact on tariff and to reduce AT & C loss for sustainability of the sector.


The focus of the scheme shall be on system Improvement, establishment of reliable distribution system, reduction of AT & C loss to a sustainable level and improvement of quality of supply to the consumers of the State.

            The project coverage includes renovation/modernization of existing & installation of new 33/11 KV primary substations and 11/0.4 KV distribution substations, re-conductoring of lines at 33 KV and below, load bifurcation, feeder separation,  HVDS (11 KV) lines, aerial bunched conductoring in theft prone areas, replacement of electromagnetic energy meters with tamper proof electronic meters, installation of capacitor banks, energy audit, IT system implementation, Mobile service centers, distribution substation automation with SCADA system, ring fencing of different project areas and such other measures  for attaining the above objective.

      The following items shall be broadly included in the scope of this programme:

(i)                              Replacement of LT conductors by AB cables in theft prone areas.

(ii)                            Installation of Pillar Box Metering system.

(iii)                           Up-gradation and Replacement of Transformers (star rated) to cater to additional load.

(iv)                          Up-gradation of 33/11 KV sub-stations.

(v)                            Installation/ replacement of Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs)

(vi)                          Replacement of faulty insulators, AB switches etc. Replacement of existing weak LT/HT poles.

(vii)                         Installation of new 33/11 KV and 11/0.4 KV substations.

(viii)                       Re-conductoring in case of old lines with conductor of  optimum size.

(ix)                          Conversion of single-phase into 3-phase system.

(x)                            New HT lines both 33 and 11 KV.

(xi)                          Extension of HVDS.

(xii)                         Installation of Metering Cubicles.

(xiii)                       Earthing of Substations.

(xiv)                       Installation of lightning Arrestors.

(xv)                        Installation of capacitor banks.

(xvi)                      Installation of online monitoring and automatic billing system through AMR.

(xvii)                     IT application in distribution management.

(xviii)                    Complete Distribution Transformer Metering/feeder metering for energy audit purpose.

(xix)                       Provision of boundary wall, fencing & control room etc. around the Sub-station to ensure safety of the equipment and human lives and other such things.

In addition to the above heads of expenses, consumer metering would be taken up by the CESU as a composite activity in areas where system up-gradation is being taken up in order to reduce loss. This would then form a part of DPR of the specified area where investment is proposed.


The allocation to different DISCOMs will normally be in the proportion to the number of consumers of the DISCOMs as on 01.04.2009 (i.e. CESU 39%, NESCO-21%, WESCO-19.5% & SOUTH CO-20.5%) as stipulated in the Business Plan approved by the OERC in their order dtd.20.03.2010.  Year wise beak up of Capex Programme funding to CESU are as follows:

Financial Year 2010-11      2011-12 2012-13  2013-14  Total
State Govt (out of which) 117.00 156.00 97.50 97.50 468.00
a. FC Grant @0% 0.00 78.00 58.50 58.50 195.00
 b. SS to FC Grant @0%t 0.00 26.00 19.50 19.50 65.00
c. Loan to GRIDCO for counterpart funding to FC Grant @4% 0.00 26.00 19.50 19.50 65.00
d. State's own contribution@4% 117.00 26.00 0.00 0.00 143.00
DISCOMs (CESU) ( out of which) 0.00 78.00 156.00 234.00 468.00
a. Counterpart DISCOMs ( CESU’s) share for FC Grant 0.00 26.00 19.50 19.50 65.00
b. DISCOM's ( CESU’s) contribution 0.00 52.00 136.50 214.50 403.00
Total Capex Funding 117.00 234.00 253.50 331.50 936.00

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